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If there is anything that we can do to assist you, please email us. We are still making our wonderful products and will be glad to serve by shipping or curb-side pick-up. Thank you and please be safe and well.

About The Herb & Flower Farm
Healthy green blessings and welcome to the Herb Farm! We are farmers, foodies, herbalists, superfood makers, and people who are dedicated to bringing whole foods that nourish the body, to the table--so, offering exceptional products is crucial to what we do! Being the creators of the Urban Sprout Cafe (once located in the historic downtown district of Chilliwack, BC), we know fresh food and how to grow, source, and prepare it for those who value real, alive, and optimal nutrition. We closed our doors in our past location and traded in our urban cooking aprons for-- bringing it all home to the farm...

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