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About  Laura & Frits


Laura is a true student of the way of the optimal life-- 'the art of living and being', and a true caregiver for the earth with a big heart for its people. She holds two college degrees based on the Psychology of Healing the Whole Body, Mind, and Spirit and The Unified Field between Nature and the Health of the "Human Spirit". Laura is a certified graduate of the 'Herbal Immersion Course' from Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine, The Northwest School of Aromatic Medicineand Susan Weed's 'Woman's Herbal Health' program. Beyond academia, she continues to deepen her knowledge with some of her most cherished instructors in the fields of herbalism, nutrition, whole food preparation, soil regeneration, Eco-Psychology, and sustainable living practices.  Laura brings a combination of wisdom, creativity, and science to all her endeavors, and is both passionate and generous about sharing her knowledge—passing it along to her five wonderful children and far beyond…Through her career, Laura has guided many successful and happy people to find their health, passion, and purpose in life. She find that the Laws of Nature are the very foundation for which all things optimal are built. Laura is our resident herbalists and 'environmental artists'.


Frits began farming as soon as he stood on his feet. Born in Holland to a farming family, he soon buried his own roots in the farming fields as one of the most knowledgeable flower growers of his generation. His specialties are tulips-- his home country's native flower, peonies, callas, sunflowers, and a variety of other cut flowers. He also cultivates and harvests green-roof material for one of the largest green roof companies in North America. Frits' has a passion for flower arranging and wedding floral design. He has shared his floral knowledge with the people of the Fraser Valley for the past 25 years. Frits was the first farmer to open his fields to the flower enthusiasts and photographers by hosting the first 'Flower Field Show' called 'TulipMania'. He then, with his wife, Laura, put together one of the first U-pick herb and flower fields in the BC Valley. Frits is a true community leader, dedicated to the optimal sustainability of his industry, the valley he farms, and people that sustain it.

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